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This is a little late, since we are 12 days into 2014, but here it is.

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Doctor Who

Dec. 3rd, 2013 02:48 pm
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After years of resistance, even though I watched Torchwood, I decided to finally watch the revival of Doctor Who. I never saw any of the classic, so I had no real knowledge of it, except the basic idea.

I never watched it before because I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, but I've watched the first two series in the last two weeks, the ones that feature Rose Tyler as the companion.

I love it. I love seeing Jack Harkness and how he related to Rose and the Doctor. I also loved seeing the Battle of Canary Wharf. It helped me to understand Torchwood a little bit more, especially Jack and Ianto.

I cried during Rose and the Doctor's goodbye scene, especially when the Doctor wasn't able to reply to Rose's declaration of love. I hope he was going to reciprocate,  but one never knows. Next to The Satan Pit, which I love for the look into what The Doctor and Rose really feel about each other, the final episode of series 2 is my favorite. So far.

I'm not sure I'm going to still like the show without Rose. I loved her character and I'm going to miss her dearly. Hopefully, I'll like the other Companions. I hope they grow to touch me like Rose did.

The one thing about the last episode of series 2 that I didn't like was the last scene with the girl in the wedding dress. Thought it took away from the overall emotional overtones.

Well, I officially love Doctor Who. Hope I continue to love it.
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Many of you guys have received stories only because I'm a member of the Taming the Muse LJ community. It has definitely help to keep me motivated.

If you go a certain amount of weeks of writing based on prompts, you qualify for awards. Well, at 30 weeks of continuous writing, I have joined the ranks of Goddesses.

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I needed a way to keep straight what I'm writing this month, especially since I tend to lose word documents in the shuffle.

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Just kidding with the subject line. You don't joke with souls when it comes to Supernatural. They are very valuable. *nods head*

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I've just started to watch Supernatural the last 3 months and I've finally made it to season 8.

I absolutely love the show and Sam and Dean's relationship. They are seriously codependent though. I wish more of the supporting characters actually lived though, even though I know it emphasizes the close relationship of the brothers.

I've only watched up to episode 4 of season 8, but I hope Sam and Dean get back on track. I hate the idea of Sam leaving Dean and hunting. Up to this particular episode, a lot of fans feel like the only way the series can end is Dean sacrificing himself so Sam can have a normal life. God I hope that's not what happens. There are still two more seasons to go though, but I want both brothers to have their happy ever after.

Every season it seems Sam and Dean have a rocky relationship for whatever reason. I want them solid again. I miss bro-love.

Do I even hate to say it. Although I'm a Sam!girl, I'm also a wincest shipper. I also love gen stories that focus on Sam and Dean as brothers.

I have begun to write Supernatural fanfiction, so I hope I have friends who like the series as well.

A new episode premieres on the 24th and I'm hoping to be caught up with the series on time.


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